How to Play Mobsters United

Getting started

Mobsters United

Mobsters United is a mobsters game where you play one or more mobsters. The five most important aspects for each mobster are cash, hitpoints, energy, and stamina. Cash is of course used to buy new things, be it properties or equipment. Hitpoints are the mobster’s life blood, literally. If your hitpoints are gone, he’s dead. Energy is needed to perform missions. And stamina is required to attack other mobsters for revenge or pleasure. A mobster has quite a few other [vitals and statistics], but don’t worry about those just yet.

New mobsters

There is no single way to play Mobsters United and everyone develops a different style of playing of course. When you start out with your first mobster, you should most likely focus on playing missions and purchasing Territories to start earning passive income.

By doing missions you can level up and gain more cash. Just as with attacking other mobsters.

Screenshot for naming your new mobster
Picking a mobster's name
When you create a new mobster, you start by choosing a name for this toon (our game name for your mobsters). Then you pick a class, which will give you a specific benefit for the rest of your new mobster’s career.

Then you can start playing. So a simple start for your first new mobster could be:

  • Buy a Newsstand under the Territory tab. This will get your hourly income going.
  • Do missions until you run out of energy, this should help you level.
  • Buy a Flick Knife from the Equipment tab.
  • Go attack people to get more money.
  • Repeat.

And of course, as you gain experience and levels, you can do more different missions with higher payouts.

Multiple Mobsters

Picture of the MENU button for opening the switching mobsters menu
Switch here

Over time you will figure out which way you like to play and you can start new mobsters with different styles as well. In Mobsters United you can have multiple toons under your wing. You can own 7 toons by default. It’s possible to expand that limit to 25 by taking a VIP membership.

You can switch between your mobsters by clicking on the Red MENU tag on the left of the screen.

Interface description

In order to get you started we’ll run you through the Mobsters United game interface and provide you with the relevant links to all information to get you going.

At the top of the screen are the current mobster’s life statistics.

Screenshot of the top game bar with life statistics
Mobster's statistics

Below the statistics, are the different action pages you can go to.

An overview of what you can do where:

  • New York, your daily start page, where you can chat and buy the Flash Deal
  • Missions, access to your current missions
  • Territory, the place to buy new land and developments
  • Bank, launder and safely store your money here
  • Bank Vault, try to raid the bank vault and gain unknown riches
  • Casino, try your luck to win energy, money and more
  • Godfather, where you can ask for favors
  • Attack, attack mobsters in your level range
  • Hit List, place Bounties on mobsters that you want to take revenge on
  • Equipment, buy and sell weapons, armor, vehicles and henchmen
  • Hospital, heal yourself
  • Made Men, view the leaderboards and see where you stand in the rankings
  • My Mobster, your mobster’s profile where you can spend your skill points and customize your avatar
  • Kill Sheet, VIP Feature
  • Search for mobsters


When you’re attacked or other events happen in the game, you’ll receive a Notification similar to how things happen on popular social networks. The shield icon in the top right of the game will light up red when you have new notifications. Click the shield to view them. Notifications are automatically pruned after 2 weeks.