Working your way up in the world

Earning money

Every mobster will have to earn money in order to pay the equipment’s upkeep, buy new items, properties, or more important: set bounties.

There are different ways to earn money for your mobsters:

  • Territories, owning territories provides a mobster with a solid source of passive income.
  • Missions, performing a successful mission gives out cash
  • Collecting Bounties, by checking the Hit List and collecting existing bounties
  • Attacking, by killing another mobster, you receive part of their cash that’s not in the bank
  • Casino, with luck you can earn a nice buck playing in The Godfather’s Casino.


Money in the bank cannot be stolen. To open a bank account you will need to pay though. The bank will launder your money for you so you can use it to pay the Hospital. The bank cannot be robbed and you will not lose funds deposited if you are attacked.

The bank does not operate this shady service for free though. The bank charges 10% on every deposit in order to provide you with the best laundry service you can buy.

It’s very useful to have clean cash though. Hospitals will only accept clean money from banks, not your dirty money you might have lying around from doing missions.

Bank Vault

Although the money in the bank vault cannot be raided, the safety deposit boxes can. Safety deposit boxes can contain all kinds of valuable resources, including favor points that can be used at The Godfather. In order to access a safety deposit box, you will have to buy one of the access codes from a bank employee. With the code in hand, you can then enter the bank, open the safety deposit box and clean it out.

Bank Vaults are guaranteed to produce a prize equal to or greater than the amount you paid for the code, on every turn. There are no losers here! Get your money’s worth and a lot more, try and hack the Vault now!


The Godfather also operates an illegal casino. In the casino you can play one of the Slot machines, at the Blackjack table or you can enter the Money Bomb.

The Godfather's Casino games
Game Buy in Pay out in
Godfather Slots Favor Points Favor Points
Blackjack Favor Points Favor Points
Energy Slots Energy Energy
Money Bomb Cash Cash

Slot Machines

Two Slots machines are present in the Casino. One runs on and pays out favor points. The other runs on and pays out energy. So if you feel lucky, you can try to gain a lot more energy or favor points by running to these slot machines.


The Godfather’s casino runs one of the best BlackJack tables in town. The classic card game 21 pits you against the dealer. Try to get as close to 21 without going over (busting). If your hand is higher than the dealer’s or the dealer busts, you win! This version of BlackJack even gives you the option to surrender your hand and recover 50% of your bet.

Money Bomb

Countdown timer for the High Roller Money Bomb in The Godfather's Casino
Countdown Timer
Each Money Bomb explodes with a fixed interval. You can enter each Money Bomb by chipping the buy-in into the pot. Every time a Money Bombs explodes, a random winner will be chosen from those that chipped in. Of course The Godfather will take a cut as well for managing the game and administration for it. There must be at least 3 entries in the pot in order to win. If there are less than 3 entires, the jackpot will automatically roll over to the next hour. There are two Money Bombs, one with a small entry fee and one with a much bigger entry fee. More fee also means more benefit. The more people join, the more attractive the Money Bomb gets.