The Godfather

Be humble, be brave

The Godfather

As a mobster you are not on your own. Aside from getting help from other friendly mobsters, you can always go up to the big man! He got there for a reason, and it was not just by being aggressive towards others. The Godfather is a prime example of how you can cement your position by making sure you help out others.

So you can ask The Godfather for favors. Some he’ll do for free sometimes. But for most of them, you’ll have to pay him.

Refill statistics

If you are down on health, energy or stamina, you can ask The Godfather for a favor and have him replenish them.

VIP Membership

You can also purchase a VIP Membership at The Godfather.

A VIP membership can be arranged at The Godfather. The membership is tied to one of your mobsters.

A few of the benefits of having a membership are:

  • A VIP Membership gives you a number of free favor points that you can redeem at The Godfather and a 10% discount on Favor Point purchases.
    Screenshot for Happy Hour banner
    Happy Hour
  • You get the ability to start a Happy Hour. During Happy Hour your mobster (and every other VIP) gets unlimited Energy refills from The Godfather.
  • 500 bonus Mob members
  • Access to the automated Property Buyer and Property Calculator
  • 25 total toon slots per AcidBay account instead of the regular 7
  • Kill Sheet
  • 6 Top Mob Slots

Hired Guns

Hired guns are additional mob members. You can buy them for Favor Points. They are necessary to become strong in fights. Each Hired Gun will fight with you when you have a fight and each of them will equip the best weapon, armor, vehicle and henchman he can find in your inventory! So having powerful equipment and lots of Hired Guns, makes you very strong!

Hired Guns cost
Amount Cost in Favor Points
1 20
5 99
20 350
50 795
100 1550


Via The Godfather you can convince bankers to give you money.

Hire a Bodyguard

Having a bodyguard protects the mobster in question. That mobster cannot be attacked, punched or hit listed when a bodyguard is active. The mobster is not allowed to perform any of those actions either. So if you do want to start again, you’ll have to wait till the bodyguard expires or fire your bodyguard. You can fire your bodyguard at any time, but there’s no refund for unspent time.

Reset Fight Stats

You can reset your fight stats here, so you become clean.

Reset Skill Points

At each level up you’ll get Skill Points to spend on your character. If you decide that you want to shift your focus on different skills you can ask The Godfather to reset your skill points. It will cost you though.

Reset Employed Mob

Every time you use your Mob during missions, they cannot be used again. You can ask The Godfather to reset your Mob.