It's either kill or be killed

Mobsters attack in different ways. They can attack random mobsters directly, hunt for bounties or carefully select a target from the past.

How does attacking work

There are 3 parts to how an attack between two mobsters is calculated.

  1. Attack and Defense strength. The main items that determine who wins the fight are Attack and Defense. Your toon’s own strength is determined by having the respective Skill Points in your mobster. And then you will be helped by your Hired Guns and some of your friend, together called your Mob. Your Mob’s strength is fully determined by the items they wear. Your Mb is smart.. So they will each use the best weapon, armor, vehicle and henchman they can find. There’s even a 100% boost on each item type that your toon is wearing (so-called Avatar Items).

  2. Your Attack and Defense statistics receive a viral boost dependent on how far you have upgraded your Virus. Finally your mobster’s Critical avatar powers apply to this statistic.

  3. The winner is determined by comparing the enhanced Attack and Defense of both mobsters and factoring in some luck.

Damage done by each mobster is calculated using the winner’s maximum health. So by increasing your mobster’s health, you increase the damage you deal in a fight. But you’ll also take more damage if you’re attacked and win.

Up until reaching level 25 the maximum damage that can be dealt is capped.


List of mobsters you can attack
Attack Selection

You can earn money and experience by attacking other mobsters. Which other mobsters you can attack depends on your own level. When you go to Attack, you will see a random selection of mobsters that fall within your reach. For each mobster you will see:

  • their Flasher (profile image)
  • their mobster name
  • the mobster’s level
  • their Mob size
  • the amount of Cash they have
  • their fight record

Based on this information you can choose to start attacking a mobster in order to earn money and experience. Keep in mind that you will probably have to hit them multiple times before actually killing them.

Mobster selection for Attacks

The mobsters you will see in Attack will be selected based on your own level.

Mobster attack limits in Mobsters United
Own level Levels up Levels down
Levels 1 - 39 20 Levels Up 10 Levels Down
Levels 40 - 99 40 Levels Up 20 Levels Down
Levels 100 - 199 100 Levels Up 100 Levels Down
Levels 200 - 399 200 Levels Up 200 Levels Down
Levels 400+ 400 Levels Up 400 Levels Down

Attack range limits

Your toon can attack any other toon that has at least half your level. And you can safely attack any toon that has up to double your own level. These limits also apply if you are attacking someone that is on the Hit list (See Bounties).

So if you are level 112, you can attack any toon that has level 56 up to level 224. Toons that are level 225 and above cannot attack you directly. But you can still attack them if you want, but you will open yourself up for retaliation, and allow them to take revenge.

Taking Revenge

If you attack or punch a mobster that normally cannot hit you, they will get the ability to take revenge for up to 24 hours following your last attack! So keep that in mind when you are looking to attack mobsters that are more than double your own level.


When you punch another mobster in the face, you will only hit them for 1 damage. But they cannot defend against it. It’s a way to finish off other mobsters.

You can use Spiked Knuckles or Battle-hardened Capos to increase your punching damage by 1 each. Just as you can defend against punching by owning Strong Jaws. Each Strong Jaw reduce punching damage received by 1.


List of mobsters with bounties on their head
Hit List

Bounties are cash prices set on a mobster’s head. In Mobsters players revenge themselves by placing a bounty on another mobster and placing them on the Hit List.

In order to give new mobsters a chance to build, there’s a buffer between those under Level 50 and those above. Players under Level 50 can list anyone under Level 50, provided you have the cash. Players Level 51 or above can list anyone Level 51 or above, again provided they have the cash on hand.

Placing Bounties

If you’ve got a rival you want taken out, you can add that mobster to the Hit List by going to their mobster’s profile page and clicking “Add To Hit List”.

By placing them on the Hit List, you offer another player cash for them to take your revenge. The Godfather acts as an intermediary for these payments, as the banks apparently don’t want to transfer funds for that purpose (Can you imagine?). The Godfather charges a small fee to hold on to the funds until the job is done. A mobster’s bounty is 10 times their gross hourly passive income (before upkeep). So if you want to make it harder for others to put a bounty on your head, you should make sure you own enough Territories.

Collecting Bounties

If you want to earn extra cash and like fighting at the same time, why not combine them! Take out some other player’s revenge on a mobster and collect both the experience and bounty set on their head! And of course this helps you to reach the Top Bounty Hunter leaderboard!