New Admin / Developer

Team changes

 Posted on Feb 11, 2018   (Last modified Mar 10, 2020)

Mobsters United welcomes Paul to the team, he will be known on the network and game as Don_Paul. He is joining us as a new Admin, and he will also be taking over the majority of the programming and development of the game. Paul is an experienced and accomplished programmer, security expert and business advisor. He has a proven track record as the former CEO of an IT security company. To put that in everyday terms, part of the security technology that powers “smart” devices (such as your smartphone, tablets, smart light bulbs, etc. [Read more]

Game changes

What changed?

 Posted on Mar 31, 2015   (Last modified Mar 10, 2020)

An overview of all the relevant changes to the Mobsters game that have happened over time. Date: May 8th 2020 Blueprint introduction Blueprints introduced to upgrade items in the workshop. Changes to XP received in over-powered and under-powered attacks Balancing changes made in extreme over and under-powered attacks. Date: March 9th 2020 Server Migration The game server migrated from the traditional AcidBay server to a dedicated game server based on modern technologies. [Read more]