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List of equipment your mobster can buy

Equipment List

Equipment is of vital importance for making your mobster successful. There are a number of standard categories, which are Weapons, Armor, Vehicles and Henchmen.

Equipment comes in handy for a number of reasons. For one, you’ll need specific equipment for certain missions. To perform these missions you will have to have certain items. A lot of those items you can just buy. Some will only become available if you reach the right level. But there are also items you have to earn in other ways, like doing missions.

Equipment is also necessary when attacking other mobsters or defending against other mobsters. The more equipment you have, the better your mob will perform when you attack others, or when others attack you.

Most equipment just provides an attack bonus and a defense bonus. Some items also have an upkeep cost you’ll have to keep paying every hour. You can view your total upkeep on the Territories page.

Example Weapon

Detailed view of the Beretta 9mm in Mobsters United

Beretta 9mm

Each item in the Equipment overview show you the icon picture of the equipment, the name, and the statistics. The Beretta 9mm gives you 3 extra Attack, 1 extra Defense and has no Upkeep for you to pay.

You can choose to buy extra Beretta’s for $ 1,900 a piece.

Euipment options at the start

For new mobsters the following equipment is available:

Mobster's starting Equipment options
Type Name Attack Defense Price Upkeep
Weapon Flick Knife 1 0 $ 150
Weapon Louisville Slugger 1 1 $ 200
Weapon Crowbar 2 0 $ 250
Weapon 12-Gauge Shotgun 2 4 $ 2,900
Weapon .38 Special 2 2 $ 950
Weapon Baretta 9mm 3 1 $ 1,900
Weapon AK-47 6 3 $ 15,000
Armor Bulletproof Vest 2 4 $ 5,000
Vehicle El Camino 3 3 $ 18,000 $ 20
Vehicle BMW 4 5 $ 35,000 $ 50
Vehicle Bentley GTC 4 6 $ 50,000 $ 100
Vehicle Bulletproof Escalade 6 7 $ 90,000 $ 200

You will unlock more equipment by leveling up your mobster.