Beat them all! Or pick one for focus

Made Men

The Made Men are the top 10 on the leaderboards for a number of specific important achievements.

There are leaderboards for ‘all time’ rankings, and for the current calendar month and year. The All Time rankings started when Mobsters United launched in 2014 and will not reset. The monthly and yearly rankings will reset at the end of each period.

  • Highest Level, ranks on the level achieved
  • Top Missions, ranks on the number of completed missions
  • Most Deadly, ranks on the number of killed mobsters
  • Top Bounty Hunter, ranks on the number of collected bounties
  • Top Fighter, ranks on how often a mobster wins
  • Untouchables, ranks on how much hired guns a mobster has
  • Resident Zombies, ranks how often a mobster died
Example of mobster's ranking in leaderboard
Own ranking

To enter any of these rankings you’ll have to defeat the #10 on any of those list. So pick a focus and fight for your spot!

You can find your mobster’s own ranking at the top to see how far you still have to go.