Mobster Characters

What makes mobsters tick?

Screenshot of the top game bar with life statistics
Mobster's statistics
The core of the game are the mobsters. Each mobster has a number of life statistics.

Some of them are always represented on the top of the screen, such as:

  • Cash
  • Health, represented by hitpoints (or HP for short)
  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Experience
  • Level
  • Mob size
  • Credits and Virus status

Other pieces of information, that are not immediately available on every screen, are:

  • Class
  • Gender
  • Skill Points
  • Owned equipment
  • Owned territories

Some information is not even available at all within the game:

  • The mobster’s owner

Mobster’s Class

Selection view for the three mobster classes
Pick your class

There are three classes within Mobsters United. The three classes give your mobster different benefits for the rest of their carreer. The three classes are:

  • Night Owl, regains Energy faster than others
  • Soldato, regains Health faster than others
  • Mogul, makes Money faster than others

Mobster’s Gender

When creating a new Toon, you can select which Gender you want to use. You can choose between Male and Female. The effect is mostly aesthetic. There might be Avatar Items that have different looks, skills and abilities between genders.


Like in real life, cash is the way to buy stuff in this game. You spend cash on purchasing and maintaining equiment, purchasing territories, and healing yourself at the hospital. You gain cash, by owning land and developments, completing missions, selling equipment, attacking rivals or collecting bounties.

You also lose cash that’s not in the Bank whenever you are defeated by another mobster in a fight.

And of course you can get cash as a favor via the Godfather as well.


A mobster’s hitpoints determine how much damage it can take before being put in the hospital or even being killed. You slowly regain lost hitpoints over time. If you want to quickly recuperate your mobster’s health, you’ll have to visit the hospital or The Godfather. In a fight, the winner’s health also determines how much damage is dealt!


The hospital is there in time of need. When you get hit so hard you’re almost going to die, you end up in the hospital.

The Hospital will heal you, for a price. They don’t accept dirty money though, so you have to deposit your money & have it laundered at the bank. The cost of healing goes up the higher your level and health.

When your mobster loses all its health, he will die.

When you are in the hospital you cannot be attacked! You can still be punched though. To enter the hospital to punch you, they need to have a Police Badge. Luckily you can also obtain Hospital Bribes to stop them from succeeding with a Police Badge.


A mobster’s energy is used for performing missions. Different missions might require different amounts of energy to perform. Energy is regained over time, or you can quickly refill your energy at the Godfather.


Stamina is needed by mobsters to fight other mobsters. Each fight will cost you one stamina. To take revenge on a player, you will need stamina!

Experience & Levels

Your mobsters gain experience by attacking rivals and performing missions. Whenever you gain enough experience for your current level, you will gain a level. When a mobster gains a level there are a number of benefits:

  • You’re back to full Health, Energy and Stamina (if you are still at a low level)
  • You get 6 Skill Points that you can use in ‘My Mobster’ to strengthen your mobster
  • Sometimes you gain access to new parts of the game as well, such as missions that require a certain level

Mob size

Your mob size is dependent on your friends in the game.

You need a mob for most missions and your mob (up to a certain level) makes your stronger in battles as well.

Chat Credits and Virus status

Chat credits are the doorway to gaining levels for your Virus.

When new mobsters reach level 10 and 15 they gain access to the Attack and Defense viruses respectively. Viruses boost your attack or defense skill when they activate. The green indicator shows the boost you will receive, the red indicator shows the chance the virus will activate.

Profile Page

Screenshot of a mobster's profile page
Profile Page
On each mobster’s public profile page, you can find all public information about that mobster.

You can find their Career Stats, which show when they were last online, their level, class and number of completed missions. You also see the mobster’s Fight Stats, which indicate the number of won and lost fights, deaths, kills and bounties collected. And you can see the mobster’s Achievements and equipment.

On each profile page you also can take actions that are directly affecting that specific mobster.

  • Attack, directly attack that mobster
  • Punch in Face, punch the mobster in the face for 1 damage
  • Add to Hit List, put a bounty on this mobster’s head
  • Add to Kill Sheet, add the mobster to your Kill Sheet
  • View Kill Sheet, view their public Kill Sheet
  • Top Mob, add them to your Top Mob
  • Report inappropriate name, if their name is inappropriate or offending within

My Mobster

On the My Mobster page you can customize the way your avatar looks on your mobsters profile page. You can also set your Flasher, which is the GIF others see in the Attack list next to your mobster’s name.

Avatar Outfit

Your avatar’s outfit determines the way your Avatar looks on your profile page, but also influences your attack, defense and the special skills that you have.

It’s crucial to choose the right outfit for your play type. An outfit can consist of Hair, Face, Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Accessories, a Weapon and a Pet. If the item you chose has special abilities, they stack. So if you wear a jacket that gives you +5% Critical hit, and a pair of Shoes with +10% Critical hit, you will have 15% Critical hit.

The aspects that your outfit can influence are:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health / Energy / Stamina
  • Punch Damage received
  • Chance of a Critical attack
  • Chance of a Bonus Skill Point when leveling up

Mob Gear

Any gear you wear as part of your outfit has double it’s regular Attack and Defense strength. So for your total Attack and Defense strength, take into account that if you wear a Hockey Mask (Attack: 550, Defense: 250), it’s considered Attack: 1100 and Defense: 500 for your mob!

Skill Points

But most importantly, on your My Mobster page, you can spend your Skill Points. Each mobster has abilities that depend on its Skill Points. You earn Skill Points with each level that the mobster reaches. You can spend the Skill Points on one of the following 5 abilities:

Mobster's Skill Points
Ability StartsĀ at Description
Attack Strength 1 Higher attack strength makes you more successful when attacking other mobsters
Defense Power 1 Higher defence power makes you less vulnerable to the attacks of other mobsters
Max Energy 5 Higher maximum energy lets you complete more missions more quickly
Max Health 100 Higher health makes it harder to kill you
Max Stamina 3 Higher stamina lets you attack more often

Strategy Tips

You can extremely focus your character at a cost. For instance, you can fo for a:

  • Energy Character: A mobster which invests fully in energy which means he can level quickly through doing missions. The downside is that he cannot often fight back against other mobsters.
  • Stamina Character: A mobster which invests in stamina and possibly attack/defence, which means he can quickly level fighting other mobsters. The downside is that you cannot complete missions and gain loot and money that is very useful for fighting.