Mobsters game

The disappearence of Playdom Mobsters from Myspace

The Mobsters game, as it ran on Myspace by Playdom was the true mobster game. Playdom Mobsters was a game where players work together to hurt others. Ha. That makes it sound to simple! It’s of course much more complex than that. But because of that diversity, the Mobsters game caters to a variety of players. There are players that focus on doing missions and assisting other mobsters. There are players that want to reach the top of one of the scoring lists (called Made Men). And of course there are players that just want to show they are stronger that other players.

Myspace Mobsters

Screenshot of the original Myspace Mobsters game
Myspace Mobsters

The original Myspace Mobsters game was the biggest game on Myspace. It had millions of players. Players invested real life money to gain an edge on their competitors. It was successful. That is, until Myspace shut down its gaming platform and all related Myspace mobster accounts. Millions of players lost all their investment in the Mobsters game. There was even an official petition to reinstate Mobsters. It did not help. In the end the original game was lost.

Mobsters alternatives

Over time, a few alternatives popped up around the internet to fill the void. An of course multiple different games catering to similar players were created. Most of them have become empty. Most of the ones that survived have a very toxic playing environment. Mobsters is meant to be a competitive game where players try to kill or hurt each other. I mean, you are building a crime family, not a boy scout club. But that competitiveness should stay part of the game, and not overflow in regular interaction. We have experience people being outright hurtful and racist to each other. We won’t stand for that.

Playdom even released a new version on Facebook and on iPhone. But both got killed again soon after.

We were unhappy with the state of the Mobsters alternatives online. So in 2014 we decided to do something about it. We started a campaign on Indiegogo to build a new Mobsters game. It was a success. Since then we’ve come a long way. The game has been running since 2015. Currently hosted on AcidBay we’ve created a new Mobsters game that promotes the original gameplay within a healthy competitive environment and social network. We have non-playing admins in the chat that will make sure things stay that way.

Mobsters United

What makes Mobsters United a unique mobster game? It’s social, but does not depend on an existing social network. There’s no hard dependency on any third party. So history cannot repeat itself. We can easily move to a different server infrastructure, cloud provider or payment provider. And that’s important. That way we can protect your investment in Mobsters United.