Toon name policy

Freedom within boundaries!

Toon name policy

Toon names are used to put an identity to a toon. And there is freedom in choosing names. But there are limits as well.

Our Zero Tolerance Policy already explicitly indicates that abusive language and harassment are not allowed within the game. But harassment is a non-absolute term. It all depends on the situation and we all know Mobsters is a game of high emotions.

In general toon names that include a rival’s name are frowned upon. At the moment though, tongue-in-cheek references to other characters or non-harassing names are fine as long as they don’t cross a line.

This policy may change in the future with no prior warning.

Things that are definitely not allowed:

  • Including swear-words specifically aimed at another toon or player

Things that are (currently) allowed:

  • Using terms to claim dominance over another toon or person


When clearly picking a name that violates this policy, your name is changed back to your original, but you do not receive your favor points back.

When picking a name that seems within the boundaries of this policy but is later found invalid due to policy change or admin’s discretion, your name is changed back to your original, but you will receive a free name change or your favor points back.