About Us

Where Mobsters come to play!

Mobsters United was set up when the Myspace Mobsters game from PlayDom disappeared and no good alternatives emerged over time. Our conclusion was that it was not a good idea to tie the existence of a game like Mobsters to a social media platform like Myspace or Facebook. When players spend money on their mobsters to buy equipment and more, you don’t want to be dependent on a platform that can just decide to halt support for the game.

An Indiegogo campaign to rebuild the Mobsters game was setup by the previous owner. At first the game was hosted on AcidBay. But over time we migrated everything related to the game to dedicated Mobsters United servers, as it should be!

Friendly environment

Mobsters United provides an environment that encourages players to interact on a social level as well. Of course, you will probably go out and kill some player’s mobster during his night, and he or she will take revenge on your mobsters as well. But that’s part of the game. In-game threats, fights, arguments, etc are all fine. The moment you take those feelings to the personal level of the player, it’s not. Other mobster games have succumbed to a toxic environment for its players. We will not tolerate this!