Working your way up in the world

For mobsters missions are a way to gain experience, money, items and henchmen. Some equipment you receive is special and cannot be gotten anywhere else. For instance, if you want to attack a mobster who’s in the hospital, you’ll need a police badge that you can only get through missions.

Screenshot of the Mission Area buttons
Mission Areas

There are a number of different areas within New York that offer missions. You will start out in Da Bronx. In order to look for missions in another area you need to be at a specific level. If you can’t enter an area yet, continue leveling up and look again, when you’ve reached the necessary level with your toon.

Missions cost you energy to perform and most missions do have prerequisites. You might need a mob of a specific size, or special (items).

Missions will not always succeed. You can be caught by the police, found out, hit, and much more. But if you succeed in a mission, you can gain experience, money, items or henchmen.

There’s an in-depth overview of the missions available. There can also be secret missions that you can only unlock by reaching a specific level, gaining a specific item, or at specific times during the year. So always be on the lookout for new missions in your mission list.

Mission Mastery

As you complete missions, you gain Mastery at various levels.

You can earn a Mastery level based on how often you complete a specific mission. The more you complete missions, the more rewards you can gather. For each Mastery level you reach for a mission, you will get a reward. The rewards increase with the Mastery level.

Mission Mastery in Mobsters United
Mastery Level Missions Completed Reward
Bronze 50 Missions Completed $10,000 x Level
Silver 150 Missions Completed $20,000 x Level
Gold 350 Missions Completed 1 Favor Point
Platinum 500 Missions Completed varies by mission. See guide below.
Diamond 15,000 Missions Completed 3 or more Favor Points, or a special gift

Missions completed means of that specific mission.

Special Platinum mission rewards

When you reach the Platinum Mastery level for a mission you will receive a special reward. As you know not all missions are public, so we won’t list them all here. So an overview of the rewards for some of the missions is:

Special mission rewards in Mobsters United
Name Level Reward
Back-Alley Mugging 1 Favor Points
Petty Theft 1 Favor Points
Residential Burglary 1 Favor Points
Grand Theft Auto 2 Perimeter Watchman
Convenience Store Robbery 3 Favor Points
Collect Protection Money 4 Favor Points
Loot a Weapons Cache 5 Favor Points
Art Museum Heist 7 Lancia Ypsilon
Infiltrate Hospital 8 Favor Points
Plan Smuggling Operation 9 Favor Points
Bank Robbery 15 Lamborghini Gallardo
Credit Card Fraud 16 Favor Points
Identity Theft 22 Crooked Accountant
Infiltrate Police Department 25 Crooked Cop
Kidnapping & Ransom 28 Alfa Romeo MiTo
Raid Evidence Locker 30 Benelli Tornado 900
Unregistered Weapons Procurement 30 Favor Points
Return Evidence to Rival Mob 35 Garbage Truck
Hijack a Shipment of Fine Liquors 36 Favor Points
Engineer a Prison Breakout 58 Pagani Zonda F
Recruit from the Streets 75 Favor Points
Get Supplies from Maulmart 90 Favor Points
Raid National Guard Armory 100 Favor Points
Rob the Graveyard 100 Favor Points
Plot a Stealthy Assassination 125 Favor Points
Steal a Russian Shipping Container 150 Favor Points
Blackmail an accountant 225 Favor Points
Negotiate an Agreement 250 Mayor’s Private Jet
Hijack a Plane on a Foreign Airport 250 Lockheed C-5
Revolution in Central America 400 Generalissimo
Make a friend in Las Vegas 500 Favor Points
Rob a Foreign Military Base 550 Patriot Defense System
Rob Mirage Parking Garage 600 Tesla Model X
Swipe something at the Linq 650 Favor Points
Rob the Flamingo Penthouse 750 Favor Points