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Icons of achievements reached on profile page

Achievements are accomplishments that your toon reaches when the right criteria are met. Achievements give you (minor) benefits as well when they are reached.

Each achievement comes in a Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum level.

Euipment options at the start

The following achievements are publicly known:

Mobster's known achievements
Icon Reason Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Banking Achievement For owning money in the bank Opening an account $1M in the bank $10M in the bank $1B in the bank
Bounty Achievement For collecting bounties 1 bounty 5 bounties 10 bounties 20 bounties
Mission Achievement For performing missions 5 missions 50 missions 1,000 missions 5,000 missions
Kill Achievement For achieving kills 1 kill 10 kills 100 kills 5,000 kills
Mob Size Achievement For a large mob Size 5 Size 50 Size 500 Size 1,000
Day 1 Achievement For first day leveling Level 5 Level 10 Level 20 Level 40
Vehicle Achievement For owning vehicles 1x El Camino 25x Ambulances 50x Rhino Tanks 100x Jet Fighters
Weapon Achievement For owning weapons 10x 12-Gauge Shotguns 25x RPG Launchers 50x Guided Missile Launchers 100x Advanced Ballistic Armors
Collectore Achievement For owning Limited Edition items 1 LE item 4 LE items 25 LE items 100 LE items