Even mobsters need friends!

Benefits of friends

The most important benefit of friends is that they give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside! But in-game they mainly increase your mob size. And you need a bigger Mob to increase your strength in fights and to do missions.

How to make friends?

You can make friends by going to a toon’s profile and clicking ‘Send Friend Request’ on their profile. Be careful though. It’s now wise to spray and pray. You can only have 10 open outstanding friend requests at any point in time. Friend requests expire after 7 days. So if you just send them to people at random, you might not be able to send out new ones to friends that are actually active and want to be friends.

You can also find potential friends in the Friend Suggestions.

Screenshot of Friend suggestions
Friend Suggestions

You cannot become friends with toons that you have been in fights with in the past week.

Effects of friendship

When toons are friends they increase your Mob Size, but there are some other effects in play as well:

  1. Toons that are friends cannot attack each other until one of them breaks the friendship.

  2. This already starts when you send out a friend request. Until the friend request expires or is declined you cannot attack that toon anymore. If they attack you though, the friend request is automatically declined in a rather harsh way.

  3. You can only add toons to your Top Mob that are friends.

Effective Mission Mob

Getting your friends to help you do missions gets harder the more friends you have. Until you get to a thousand friends you will still be able to effectively manage your friends. With more than that your unemployed mob for missions will not grow as quickly.

Mission Mob Size in Mobsters United
Mission Mob Size Friends needed
1 - 1000 1 friend per mob size
1001 - 2000 2 friends per mob size
2001 - 3000 4 friends per mob size
3001 and up 8 friends per mob size

Old vs New system

Historically people made friends outside of the game but in the AcidBay Social Network. We have decided to move the friend-system in-game to create a more streamlined experience. Users will keep their old friend count from AcidBay, but it will become less effective by adding new friends within the game. You lose 1 friend from the old count for every 2 new friends within the game.

Example: So if your user had 100 friends within AcidBay and your toon has no in-game friends yet, that toon still have 100 friends. If the toon makes 4 in-game friends, the AcidBay friend count will be considered 2 lower for that toon. So effectively that toon will have 4 + (100 - 2) = 102 friends to use for mob size.