New Admin / Developer

Team changes

Mobsters United welcomes Paul to the team, he will be known on the network and game as Don_Paul. He is joining us as a new Admin, and he will also be taking over the majority of the programming and development of the game.

Paul is an experienced and accomplished programmer, security expert and business advisor. He has a proven track record as the former CEO of an IT security company. To put that in everyday terms, part of the security technology that powers “smart” devices (such as your smartphone, tablets, smart light bulbs, etc.) was developed by Paul.

Paul will be taking up a lot of the slack that I have been left unable to do either due to my health or lack of programming knowledge. He is an expert programmer, is very familiar with how our servers work, and is an avid (board and online) gamer. Paul has been brought on board to help push Mobsters United to the next level.

Some of the things you can expect to happen in the near future include:

  • Better, faster and more efficient game coding.
  • Mobile browser support for the game (as many of you have requested)
  • Content added to the game and site to help attract new users
  • And much more.

To Be Clear, No Major Changes To The Actual Game Play Are Planned At This Time.

Paul will be reaching out to players for any suggestions you have, specifically any issues you’ve had with the game, how it can be improved, etc.

From this point forward feature and support requests should be directed to Don_Paul through the site’s chat or contact system.