Rhino Tank

Rhino Tank item details
What Information
Item Name Rhino Tank
Item Type Vehicle
Level needed 100
Cost $ 20.0M
Upkeep $ 100.0K
Attack / Defense 90 / 45
Special Powers None
Thumbnail Rhino Tank

The item Rhino Tank is a vehicle. You need to be at least level 100 to be able to use it.

You cannot buy this item anywhere. You might have to perform a mission, reach a mastery or an achievement, use a blueprint or win it to get it.

In combat is has an attack strength of 90 and a defensive strength of 45.

The Rhino Tank is required for the Rob a Foreign Military Base mission, and the Experimental Rhino Tank 1 blueprint, and the Experimental Rhino Tank 2 blueprint. You can get the Rhino Tank as a reward for the Raid National Guard Armory mission, or the Rob Mirage Parking Garage mission.