Raid National Guard Armory

Raid National Guard Armory mission details
What Information
Mission Name Raid National Guard Armory
Location Da Bronx
Level needed 100
Mob needed 5 unemployed mobsters (5 will be employed on success)
Energy need 150 energy
(Only 50 energy on mission failure)
20xRPG Launcher
Chance of success 80%
Cash Reward $0 cash payout
XP Reward 115 XP
100% chance of1xRhino Tank
Bronze:10,000 $ / level
Silver:20,000 $ / level
Gold:1 favor points
Platinum:3 favor points
Diamond:3 favor points

The mission Raid National Guard Armory takes place in Da Bronx. You need to be at least level 100 for it to appear in your mission overview.

You will need at least 150 energy and 5 unemployed mob members (5 will be employed on success) to perform this mission. In addition you need 10x Humvee, 20x RPG Launcher. Then you have a 80% chance of success! If you fail the mission “Raid National Guard Armory”, you will (only) lose 50 energy.

If you succeed in this mission, you will receive a $0 cash payout, 115 XP and 100% chance of 1x Rhino Tank.

When you perform Raid National Guard Armory enough times, you will gain a mastery in this mission. Upon reaching a mastery level you will receive a special one-time bonus. For “Raid National Guard Armory” the masteries are:

  • Bronze: 10,000 $ / level
  • Silver: 20,000 $ / level
  • Gold: 1 favor points
  • Platinum: 3 favor points
  • Diamond: 3 favor points