Steal a Russian Shipping Container

Steal a Russian Shipping Container mission details
What Information
Mission Name Steal a Russian Shipping Container
Location Jersey
Level needed 150
Mob needed 3 unemployed mobsters
Energy need 160 energy
(Only 20 energy on mission failure)
1xPerimeter Watchman
1xMack Titan
Chance of success 80%
Cash Reward Payout between $ 30.0K and $ 100.0K
XP Reward 40 XP
40% chance of10xBulletproof Vest
30% chance of8xKGB-Style Body Armor
30% chance of5xGas Can
Bronze:10,000 $ / level
Silver:20,000 $ / level
Gold:1 favor points
Platinum:3 favor points
Diamond:10 favor points

The mission Steal a Russian Shipping Container takes place in Jersey. You need to be at least level 150 for it to appear in your mission overview.

You will need at least 160 energy and 3 unemployed mob members to perform this mission. In addition you need 1x Perimeter Watchman, 1x Mack Titan. Then you have a 80% chance of success! If you fail the mission “Steal a Russian Shipping Container”, you will (only) lose 20 energy.

If you succeed in this mission, you will receive a Payout between $ 30.0K and $ 100.0K, 40 XP and 40% chance of 10x Bulletproof Vest, 30% chance of 8x KGB-Style Body Armor, 30% chance of 5x Gas Can.

When you perform Steal a Russian Shipping Container enough times, you will gain a mastery in this mission. Upon reaching a mastery level you will receive a special one-time bonus. For “Steal a Russian Shipping Container” the masteries are:

  • Bronze: 10,000 $ / level
  • Silver: 20,000 $ / level
  • Gold: 1 favor points
  • Platinum: 3 favor points
  • Diamond: 10 favor points