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If you are new to Mobsters United, you will have to create an account on AcidBay to play the game. The game is currently hosted there. You can find help and more info on the game in the Guide!

Message from the game admin:

Don Paul

Don Paul

Hey! I’m Don Paul! Let me know if you have any questions or comments via the Chat, by contacting us or sending a message to me in-game!

  • July 15th 2019: Launch of the dedicated mobsters-united.com website
    In order to create a recognizable and memorable website, we’ve decided to create this dedicated website instead!

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Last Changes

  • October 1st 2019: New missions
    Three new missions have launched: “Hijack a Plane on a Foreign Airport”, “Plot a Stealthy Assassination”, and “Steal a Russian Shipping Container”

  • July 9th 2019: Seasonal Made Men list
    Next to the existing all-time Made Men list, there is now also a seasonal list for the running month and year!

  • June 30th 2019: Gender Change Weekend
    Historically players could only create toons of the same gender as the player. Players now have the ability to create male toons as female players and the other way around. Gender Change weekend allowed players to switch the gender of some of there toons.

  • June 21st 2019: Subscriptions added
    Receive a heavily discounted pack each month and get an extra 1% bonus for each month you have the subscription running!

  • June 14th 2019: Targeted Viruses
    Are you at war with some more than with others? Wouldn’t it be nice to have your virus research single out that player and be more effective against that player and his toons? Well, you will be happy with the introduction of targeted viruses! You can now research a virus specifically targeting a toon or player at a lower price than the generic virus.


Don Paul

Don Paul




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