Loot a Weapons Cache

Loot a Weapons Cache mission details
What Information
Mission Name Loot a Weapons Cache
Location Downtown
Level needed 5
Mob needed 3 unemployed mobsters
Energy need 8 energy
(Only 4 energy on mission failure)
Requirements None
Chance of success 65%
Cash Reward Payout between $ 2.2K and $ 3.0K
XP Reward 18 XP
30% chance of1xFlick Knife
20% chance of1xLouisville Slugger
20% chance of1xBeretta 9mm
10% chance of1xAK-47
10% chance of1x12-Guage Shotgun
10% chance of1xUzi
Bronze:10,000 $ / level
Silver:20,000 $ / level
Gold:1 favor points
Platinum:3 favor points
Diamond:3 favor points

The mission Loot a Weapons Cache takes place in Downtown. You need to be at least level 5 for it to appear in your mission overview.

You will need at least 8 energy and 3 unemployed mob members to perform this mission. You don't need any special equipment. Then you have a 65% chance of success! If you fail the mission “Loot a Weapons Cache”, you will (only) lose 4 energy.

If you succeed in this mission, you will receive a Payout between $ 2.2K and $ 3.0K, 18 XP and 30% chance of 1x Flick Knife, 20% chance of 1x Louisville Slugger, 20% chance of 1x Beretta 9mm, 10% chance of 1x AK-47, 10% chance of 1x 12-Guage Shotgun, 10% chance of 1x Uzi.

When you perform Loot a Weapons Cache enough times, you will gain a mastery in this mission. Upon reaching a mastery level you will receive a special one-time bonus. For “Loot a Weapons Cache” the masteries are:

  • Bronze: 10,000 $ / level
  • Silver: 20,000 $ / level
  • Gold: 1 favor points
  • Platinum: 3 favor points
  • Diamond: 3 favor points